Why is this?

Isn’t our car very popular with Americans??
Kawashima and Eiji Toyota, who have not yet established absolute confidence in the American car market,Almost at the same moment,Biting the cheek,Trembling voice:“check!Go check it out for me,What is going on,What happened in the US market!”
The results of the investigation were quickly fed back to Japan。
The reason is beyond Kawashima’s preferences and Toyota Eiji’s simple imagination:Americans think Japanese cars are fuel efficient,But not safe enough,Compared with the petrol money saved,Or my own life is more important。
As the worst hacked,Honda was also the first to get the investigation report,Looking at the investigation report,Kajima’s preferences are unbelievable:“Just because of this?”
Assistant head down:“Yes,President,Because of this。”
How could this be?
Incredible at the same time,Kawashima’s preferences are still a bit hard to understand,I even feel wronged:These damn British and American ghosts,Don’t you even understand the principle of getting what you pay for?,Something totaling three or four thousand dollars,You want to save fuel,Need more space,Be safe again……
How can it be both at the same time?
The truth that fish and bear’s paw cannot have both?
“What about Toyota?Is it also for this reason??”Was silent for a while,Hedao likes to ask again。
“We don’t have detailed evidence,But now it seems……Seems to be。”The assistant lowered his head again。
Was silent for a while,Hedao likes to ask again:“How about our competitors?”
I know my president is not asking about Toyota Corolla,ChryslerfamilyCase,Assistant head down,The voice is a little lower again:“Just yesterday,ChryslerfamilyBroke through750Vehicles,and……They have accumulated more than 30,000 orders。”
More than 30,000 orders……
Hear this number,Hedao likes to feel sour with envy:Thirty thousand,Almost HondacivicSales of the model in the U.S. market for half a year,but now,It turned out to be just the number of orders accumulated by Chrysler……Father is father,Sure enough, is it okay??
“anything else?”Can be appointed by Honda Soichiro as the successor of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.,Of course Kajima’s preference is not in doubt,He took a deep breath,Asked again:“How about the sales of other US auto companies??”