Lu Menglin looked at these young and fearless warriors,There is unavoidable passion in my chest。

He stepped forward,Put your head in Liu Yi’s ear,Whisper:“The medicine can’t be stopped,After a while, you contact Fat Dun,I will arrange for you!Continue to train according to my method。”
Liu Yiyi listened to this,Eyes suddenly shine,Loudly:“understand!Resolutely complete the task。”
“Go,Go!Don’t give it away,Have a chance to meet in the future。”Lu Menglin waved his hand,Open the car door with a smile,Sit up with Fat Dun。
Car start,Slowly drove out of the iron lion camp,After a tortuous journey,Finally returned to the city。
Lu Menglin did not stay in the mainland too much,Instead, he took Fat Dun to fly to Hong Kong Island first,Then transferred to Myanmar。
Pinch,The forbidden area in the Valley of the Gods in Myanmar can already be opened again,Lu Menglin hurried back to investigate the secrets,Compared to the exploration of alien civilization,How ridiculous and insignificant the power struggle between humans is。
After arriving in Myanmar,Lu Menglin quickly contacted Liu Niu’er。
quickly,Liu Niu’er brought a group of people to greet the Venerable。
The entire Yangon Airport in Myanmar is boiling,The passengers at the airport are full of curiosity,I don’t know what kind of big man is here at the airport,Need such a big show。
Soldiers from the People’s Guards of the Royal Capital of Myanmar blocked the entire airport,Soldiers with live ammunition are on guard in every corner。
This is known as the most elite army in Myanmar,After the royal family was deported,Actively changed the designation to the Royal People’s Guard,It means changing from guarding the royal family to guarding the capital and people。
It’s not just the military sending heavy troops to guard,People are still in front of the exit of the airport,I saw familiar faces。
They are all important figures from major families in Myanmar,Almost all came,The scene of these people gathering together is usually really rare。