Because I have seen many such delicate makeup in my previous life,After being reborn, I almost never saw it.。

In the eyes of Lu Menglin,I can only say that this girl has good makeup skills,While strengthening your most beautiful facial features,Also concealed the shortcomings on his face。
This is a slightly mature city girl,Whether it’s makeup techniques,Still dress up,Are a lot more avant-garde than her roommates。
In the eyes of boys at this age,To such a girl who surpasses herself in every aspect,It’s normal to be shocked。
only,Lu Menglin prefers,It’s still Su Xuehen’s body that the water comes out of lotus,Naturally carved and pure,For this too deliberate beauty in front of me,Not appreciative。
“I’ll start!”Xiaoxin smiled and started eating,Put food into your mouth in small bites。
She did not take the initiative to speak to any of the boys present,But except for Lu Menglin,Every boy looked at her almost blankly。
Look at the beauties eating,It’s really pleasing to the eye!
Because of the appearance of this beautiful girl,The atmosphere at the dinner table suddenly seemed a little weird。
Everyone stopped talking,Just staring at her during the meal。
wrong,One person didn’t look at her,Still eating。
It’s Lu Menglin!At this time,Everyone finally discovered what is extraordinary about Lu Menglin。
Beauty current,He was still eating,I’m afraid this is not trueEat food!
Very weird picture,A large table sits silently,Only Lu Menglin and the beautiful Xiaoxin are still eating,Both of them eat with the same concentration,Actually formed some unspeakable tacit understanding,At least it looks like this from the eyes of others。
text Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Three The situation is gratifying
at last,Lu Menglin finished eating the fried chicken legs,I ate all the rice on the plate。