“Zhou Shen,Usheng,Let’s take His Highness Xiao Chong out of here!”Gao Dajin saw Yan Shoutong rushed up,Can’t help but frown slightly。

He did not find the figure of the sin priest,But the shattered bright dragon god altar by the lake can be seen clearly,With the wisdom of Gao Dajin,It’s not hard to guess that the sin priest Dabra is dead。
And Yan Shou Tong obviously guessed this too,That’s why I followed Wu Hao’s back,Launch a desperate blow to the evil god of Gupan。
Strictly guarding this big bald head is for repaying kindness,Master Wuhao is as kind as a mountain,Also have the grace,He can’t escape,And he and the sin priest are always the best,Seeing a friend die,He doesn’t want to live alone。
but,Gao Dajin has an important responsibility,Can’t be so arrogant,Everyone can die,Only Mi Xiao Chong can’t do anything!
“I do not go!Ancient Pan Cthulhu Awakens,This world will be destroyed with it,It’s no use running anywhere!I just want to be with important people。”Mi Xiaochong said,Be bold,Took advantage of Huang Shaotian’s wrist。
Beauty goddess official Huang Shaotian shivered slightly,I want to end the world,Everyone is going to die anyway,I don’t want to resist。
Mi Xiaochong is obsessed with herself,Although the person I like is Wu Hao,,But it doesn’t matter anymore!Man will die,His heart is good,Let him go!
Gao Dajin was shocked when he heard that,Wryly smiled:“Is there no other way??Your Royal Highness,You can’t die in this place。”
Mi Xiaochong looked firmly at the back of the stalwart who was charging towards the evil god of Gupan,Solemnly:“I believe in him!at this point,We can only trust him!”
boom!A loud noise!I saw Lu Menglin holding an angry sword with a ghost body,The magical properties of this magic weapon“Tear”Reach the limit,Only one blow opened a big blood hole in the waist of the ancient pan evil god,The whole person got into the body of the ancient pan evil god。
That big hole is for other creatures,It’s definitely a scary wound,But for the ancient pan evil god,Its size is too huge,By contrast,The wound that Lu Menglin punched through,It looks like nothing。
Just when everyone was in doubt,I saw a continuous loud cracking sound from the waist of the ancient pan evil god,From the blood hole penetrated by Lu Menglin,The wound continues to extend upward,Cracking,As if someone used a sharp weapon to continuously cause harm in its body。
But just a few seconds,The wound on the waist of the ancient pan evil god has expanded tenfold,And it continues to extend。The wound of Mould Flesh Lake suddenly expanded to more than ten meters,The scene is really shocking。
Know without thinking,It must be Master Wu Hao who directly smashed into the body of the ancient pan evil god,Wreak havoc in the opponent’s body。
At this moment,Long Zhanye and Tu Shanming’s attack also arrived,The two of them unanimously chose to attack the wound of the ancient pan evil god,One left and one right,Trying to extend the wound made by Master Wuhao to the left and right。
Take advantage of it,Kill it,Attack its weakness,This has always been an unbreakable truth on the battlefield。
but,When the knife is actually cut up,Long Zhanye and Tu Shanming changed their colors at the same time,And then try again,But the magic soldier in his hand is still motionless,Just can’t go in。