He looked at those porcelain pieces,Two jars,Three bottles,There is also a plate。Four of them are blue and white porcelain,A piece of famille rose,There is also a sweet white glaze。

“One hundred thousand??See that guy next time,Beat me again。”Populus nodded,Very generous。
Feng Li Daxi,I feel a little bit regretful,I knew such a refreshing local tyrant,Shouldn’t drop that much,Estimated to call 150,000,People won’t frown。
Simultaneously,Thinking in my heart:Old yellow guy,What maddening things did you do??Let this local tyrant not hesitate to beat him twice with over 100,000?
but,This to him,Is a good thing。Isn’t it just beating?He is good at!Old Huang,Will only speak harshly,You’ll be honest after two meals,Dare not retaliate。
He grinned:“brother,do not worry!I saw him fight once。”
Hu Yang nodded with satisfaction:“Forget it,You know i don’t care about these things,Take two,Just mean it,Lest you do it hard。”
Finished,Just put that sweet white glazed plum bottle,And take away the famille rose porcelain jar。
Feng Li Secretly:really,People are really just to fight two old Huang。no problem,I’ll find Lao Huang later,Beat again。Anyway,Fight twice,Don’t wait for tomorrow。
“okay,Let’s go first!That guy is a relative of my friend,Have you been beaten,I can know,It’s up to you。”Hu Yang happily transferred him 100,000 yuan,Finally, a reminder。
Great harvest tonight,I didn’t expect to encounter sweet white glazed porcelain from the Yongle period,Hit that guy again for 100,000,He thinks pretty good。
Feng Li received the money,Pat the chest immediately:“brother,I work,do not worry!Promise him two less teeth tomorrow。”
The people in the live room sweat,That kid,I didn’t even know I was cheated by Brother Hu。Poor old yellow,Going to be beaten again,So why are you looking for this guy to trouble Brother Hu??
Simultaneously,Some viewers have to sigh,Brother Hu is really rich。To teach someone,Over 100,000 smashed。
But they forgot,The real purpose of Populus euphratica,Not to beat Lao Huang twice,But the porcelain in front of me。this time,Don’t know how much to earn。
and,On the live broadcast platform,Tyrant behavior,They seem to see a lot, right??
Some local tyrants are arrogant,Happy for a while,Or an unhappy,It’s not uncommon to hit hundreds of thousands in one shot。
Glanced at the live room,I found a friend from Quanzhou said that I would also play together tomorrow,Hu Yang smiled:“can,There are siblings nearby,Might as well come out for a walk,I invite everyone to dinner。”
Everyone knows the character of Brother Hu,Under normal circumstances,No matter how poor you are,Can treat you as a brother,Really make friends。Just like Huazi,The house seems not so good,But Brother Hu is so good to Hua Zai。
It’s exactly like this,Everyone will boldly say they want to come out。