“Yup,Does the sweet sister are free??”

“Do you want me to talk to Master??”
I heard the sound of Li Hui’s expectation.,Liu Xu’s straight-eyed eyes have fallen。
“Need not,I am going to say it myself.,Are you waiting for me at home?,I will drive you for a while.。”
Said that the willows are all happy, and the phone is hanging.。
Then I went directly to Liu Zhiming.。
“dad,I don’t go home this year.,I am going to the small wind home for the New Year.。”
“Um?What situation?Do you think it is the same as before??Why is it still rushing??”
Liu Zhiming listened to Liu Xujian, I just frown directly.。
On the side, you are squatting with melon mother Liu Fang is also followed.:“The little breeze is your apprentice.?You can think about yours.,After all, you have eaten once a loss.。”
I heard my parents’ concerns,Willow, this time is a confident smile.。
“I think,He.。”
Looking at the daughter,Liu Yiming is also a sigh。
“alright,You look at it yourself。”
Say this,Liu Zhiming is still:“Go home,polite,Can you have fewer gifts?。”
Just chatting with Liu Zhiming here.,There is also a long time.。
Xu Ruzhen on the side is frowning:“You are so please come to your home.?”
“what?How can it still??”
Li Hui is a little bit。
“You are too disappointing like this.,This is a rushing,Don’t you pick it up??Shouldn’t you take a gift to visit people’s parents??”
Xu Ruzhen looked at Li Hui Feng。
Li Hui Feng is also awake in an instant。
Immediate regret:“Sister,Look at me,Is this not all experienced?,I will go this.。”
“I am with you.,I am sitting behind.,Solver you don’t know what to buy。”
“Now hurry to call people will willow sweet,Say you take her。”
After listening to the wind, I also hurried to the mobile phone to give Liu Xu Tu.。
“Sweet sister,You are waiting for me at home.,I will pick you this.。”
Willow Simati I thought Li Hui Hui had something,I heard Li Hui’s words,It’s even happy.。
“Need not,I am going to find you.。”
“Sweet sister,You are also looking for me too much.,And you are not afraid of being married to me.?”
“The most important thing is how do you explain there??I will pick you up,By the way chatting with Master。”
Liu Zhiming is still complaining about Li with the wind.。
Now I heard this from the teamed phone.,Also instantly rest assured a lot。
Willow sweet saw that his dad is there, there is not much?,Directly nodded:“That line,I’ll wait for you at home。”
Hang up the phone,Willow sweetly saw Liu Zhiming smiled in the tea,Then I looked with a TV.。
All the complaints just seem to have disappeared instantly.。