Chapter 29 The Demon Tree and the Man behind it

Half a day later。。。
“Actually on an island in the North Sea,The distance is really not close,this is.”
An island appeared in Wright’s eyes,This island is like a magic cave,Desolate,There is not even much life in the surrounding sea。
And in the center of the island,But there is a dark and evil withered tree,Say it’s a dead tree,This tree is thousands of meters high,The trunk is extremely strong,The branches cover a radius of several miles,But it feels dry and decayed。‘Worm Nest’Got into this one‘Dead tree’Among。
And under the branches of dead trees,Hanging scattered black and white‘fruit’,Don’t look sparse,But considering the area covered by the branches,‘fruit’The number is at least 10,000。
Wright’s Divine Infiltration,A hint of surprise flashed in my eyes,These ones‘White fruit’The inside is clearly a personal shadow.
In Wright’s divine consciousness,Hanging on this tree‘White fruit’No less than 10,000.In contrast,The black fruit is much smaller,Wright can faintly feel the powerful spiritual power contained in the dark and evil aura.。
Divine consciousness gradually penetrated,Wright further analyzes,This‘fruit’’S secret is unveiled in front of Wright。
“All the white fruits are magicians,Or someone who is born with a strong spirit,In this cocoon, the evil giant tree provides nutrients for them,Don’t let these magicians die,Simultaneously absorb mental power?”
“These mental powers.In the end all gathered in the black fruits of this dead tree,This black fruit smells evil,But it also contains strong spiritual power,Similar to Soul Golden Pearl,May be less efficient,But endless。”
With the penetration of divine consciousness,Wright‘Look’To the bottom of the dead tree,Roots several times larger than the canopy,Entangled with countless corpses,The dead tree itself seems to rely on these corpses to sustain life。
“Hey!”Wright sighed,These corpses,The number is over 6 million,Considering that the dead tree is constantly absorbing nutrients from the corpse,‘Missing’I am afraid that the people of the Magnolia Empire who have exceeded 10 million are here。
About one-twentieth of the population of the mainland,It becomes a dead wood ration!
Wright is nothing‘People can eat animals,Of course plants can eat people’of‘Philanthropist’,The only reason he didn’t directly destroy the dead tree,It’s because the people in the white fruit still have a breath。