Obesity is about these

Obesity is about these

After eating too many holiday meals, you may have found that the clothes are not worthy, but some people around you seem to be eating fat.

  There are many factors of obesity, and it is not necessarily that you eat more and become fatter.

I believe that many people are aware that teenagers, especially men, can eat a lot of food and are not prone to gain weight. The first reason is that they are in the developmental stage, the transfer needs more and the basic metabolic rate is faster, plus men have more muscle than women.Muscle can increase the basic metabolic rate, so men who eat more than a woman’s food are not easy to gain weight.

The study found that physical movements, such as raising your hands, turning around, and keeping your feet moving, can consume energy, so people with small movements and often stagnation are not prone to gain weight.

  The factors related to obesity are: 1.

Children born to genetically obese parents have a 25-30% higher chance of becoming obese than normal children.

Although this is not a law, it will increase the chance of becoming too much, which is related to heredity and family life and eating habits.


Gender male muscles are usually more developed than females, so the basic metabolic rate is also faster. Studies have shown that men consume 10-20% more energy than women when they are static, so women are often fatter than men.


The older the age, the less the muscles, the lower the basic metabolic rate, and the weight gain gradually increases.

Therefore, it is not easy for adolescents to gain weight when they are full.


Smoking smokers tend to have lower body weight than non-smokers, but gain weight after smoking cessation because nicotine increases metabolic rate.

Smokers often eat more food than they used to, and this is one of the reasons for their weight gain.

Although the weight will rise, but the weight of the body is more than the weight loss of the body, people who want to lose weight should not use smoking as a way to lose weight, because smoking is not good for the health of themselves and the people around them.


The amount of activity of obese people is usually added.

In fact, exercise can consume excess energy and help control weight.


The high-fat diet has a high amount of high-fat diet, which is easy to make the body volume, and occasionally contains 9 calories per gram, which is higher than any nutrient (protein and protein only 4 calories per gram).


Diseases such as: Hormonal disorders, decreased thyroid function, etc. all lead to weight gain, so many women after menopause, due to changes in hormones, weight will gradually increase.


Drugs such as prednisone (prednisone) used to treat allergic reactions, rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases may cause weight gain.

  In fact, people who suffer from obesity due to illness only account for a very small number of people who need to lose weight. Most people suffer from obesity due to insufficient exercise, unhealthy diet and high lead.