The culprit in destroying face and hand skin

The culprit in destroying face and hand skin

Bad habits can also be the culprit in destroying skin.

Many women will double their skin health and want to have enviable white and supple skin.

However, many times they are contrary to their wishes. Why is this?

Have you ever found the cause in your daily life?

Let ‘s take a look at the skin-destroying habits that you usually develop.

  Three bad habits for damaging your hands: Bad habit one, nails with sharp nails that are too sharp will trim the tenacity of the nails and become easily broken.

The correct method is to smooth and polish the edges of the nails and merge them into an oval shape.

  Bad habit two. Excessive hand washing and replacement of hands and immersion of the hand into the water will damage the oil secretion of the hand and make the hand dry and crackable.

  Bad habit three. Doing artificial nails can cause nail infections, and it also makes natural nails thin.

  Bad Habits to Damage the Face: Bad Habits I. Exfoliating Most MMs think that exfoliating will help the skin renew instantly and help the maintenance to absorb better. But in many cases, exfoliating also makes the skin very bad.

  A, young skin Healthy young skin, with youthful luster, normal metabolism of keratinocytes, there is no need to specifically exfoliate.

Even if you occasionally get tired or get sunburned for a while, your skin is a bit dull and a little stuffy, just rest well and recover quickly.

  B. The soft skin epidermal cells are generated from the deepest part of the epidermis (basal layer), and they are pushed out layer by layer. At the outermost layer (cuticle) of the epidermis, “life ends” and become a natural replacement for dander.

This process, commonly referred to as the 28-day cycle, only extends with age.

Exfoliating is only necessary when there are too many “old dead cells”, coupled with “dead without retreating,” and the “new dead cells” that still have a “feel of life” can not be revealed.

  C, acne, acne, acne, and acne are mostly caused by changes in the metabolism of sex hormones. Diet, lifestyle, and the environment may cause this effect. Many girls will have acne during the physiological period.Because the estrogen level that inhibits sebum secretion decreases during this period, and the level of androgen that can stimulate sebum secretion increases.

Acne skin is over-keratinized, and only the cells of the sebaceous ducts of the hair follicle are over-keratinized. The keratin metabolism of other skin is still normal, so there is no need to exfoliate. Just use a special acne product to clear the horny accumulation in the pores.Just antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

  D. For skin such as red-blooded skin, do not exfoliate even if old keratin is detected in the skin test.

Because the skin with impaired barrier function is like a piece of clothing with holes, but even if it is broken, it can be a little less resistant to external aggression. Do n’t pull those thin old horny horns until the “new clothes” are done.Remove.

  E. Blackhead skin dissolves, removes greasy dirt from pores, makes pores clear, blackheads, large pores are no longer patronized, and no special exfoliation is needed.

Young, delicate skin with excessive exfoliation can easily develop into fragile red blood skin.

  Bad habit two, over-maintenance A, using the mask more than three times a week, depending on the type of mask, basically using 1-2 times a week is the limit.

In particular, a mask that removes pores and dirt will hurt the stratum corneum when peeled off and will cause skin scaling.

  B. Use face cleanser for more than three times a day. Use face wash for two times in the morning and evening.

If it is used more than twice, the necessary oils and moisture will be washed away, and the skin will become dry. In addition, you should pay attention to excessive massage will cause skin damage.

  C, there must be more than six makeup remover lotions, facial cleansers, lotions, and two types of lotions. There are five kinds in total. There are special care products in addition to this. This method is incorrect.Basic maintenance is sufficient.

  Bad habit three, the wrong use of skin care products A, lotion will destroy makeup, so immediately after applying lotion, you can protect the skin from dryness and ultraviolet rays, and also make the foundation and skin tightly combined.

If the makeup is easily damaged, it is because the amount of lotion is too much.

  B. Skin care products for sensitive skin are the safest. Skin care products for sensitive skin are gentle on the skin, but some dirt is not clean enough.

It is important to choose a product that suits your skin cleansing and moisturizing ability.