It’s better to shake a little, the simplest longevity method, learn in one minute, and benefit for the rest of your life!

It’s better to shake a little, the simplest longevity method, learn in one minute, and benefit for the rest of your life!

Trembling, recorded and practiced in Buddhism and Taoist practice in developing countries, is also recorded in ancient Indian practices, and is the collective creation of oriental health wisdom and self-cultivation methods.

The practice method is simple and easy, and the requirements for the venue, equipment, and personal skills are low.

Why does tremor work prevent disease and fitness?

1, whole body conditioning, the whole body is easy “the general rule is not pain, the pain is not acceptable.”

People with blood and blood in all parts of the body will not feel numbness and pain.

The meridian of the body is like a stream of water. It must be dredged frequently so that it will not stagnate and become sick.

There are many ways to dredge the meridians. The tremor is to use the “trembling” to exercise, to carry out systemic conditioning, and to ease the body after training.

2, adjust biomagnetic, bioelectricity through modern scientific research proves that we have biomagnetism and bioelectricity in our human body.

These electromagnetic phenomena in the human body are also governed by electricity and magnetic laws.

The tremor function is to accelerate the function of all parts of the body through the whole body movement, improve the overall operating frequency, activate the body’s self-healing and adjustment functions, let the body’s bio-magnetic, bio-electricity belong to you, go their own way, re-reachNaturally smooth body movements.

3, from the outside, adjust the mentality Modern medical research proves that more than 90% of the diseases are psychogenic, which means that the cause of the disease is related to mood and psychological state.

Trembling is a way of adjusting and relaxing through the body, which naturally affects the adjustment and relaxation of the mind.

Practice has found that people who have been practicing tremors for a long time have less and less stagnant body, run smoothly, and feel better and better.

In general, tremor in the body parts to eliminate endotoxin in the body, eliminate body fatigue, eliminate body cold, moisture, enhance immunity, prevent colds, upper and lower respiratory tract infections, allergies, rhinitis, gastrointestinal dysfunction, neurasthenia, depression, a variety of chronic diseases and other aspects have obvious effects.

Specific methods: Time: You can choose to exercise after getting up in the morning every morning, or after work or after school, or exercise before going to bed; you can also exercise during study and work.

Can be very good axial relaxation, wake up effect.

Environment: The location is best to choose a fresh air park, lawn, roadside idle, or air circulation indoors.

Method: The two feet are separated by left and right, and shoulder width.

The arms are naturally drooping, the legs are slightly curved, the whole body is relaxed, the eyebrows are stretched, the smile is there, and then the whole body is regularly trembled up and down.

Note: 1.

5 minutes before the action, there will be acid, tired feeling, some parts of the body begin to feel a little uncomfortable, this is the start of the body self-adjustment, do not have to be nervous.

If the pain is very headache, it is recommended to stop, and both hands are hot and stick to the painful part.

Step by step, you can’t be too hasty.


When the body is completely relaxed, it will naturally bump up and down the teeth in an instant, which helps the teeth to strengthen and tilt downwards in one direction, which helps the body’s biological magnetic field to separate in one direction (gravity direction) and enhance the body’s immunity.


During this process, the head and neck may be completely relaxed, and the fibrillation may be reversed before and after the vibration. This is a good relaxation and movement for the neck, throat and other neck and neck tissues.


After 10 minutes of continuous action, tired, soreness will disappear, sweating, palms and numbness.

There are also parts of the body that are chilling, that is, the body is emitting moisture and chilling.

If there is no fever or numbness in the palm, there is no natural bump in the teeth, indicating that it is not completely relaxed.


After 15 minutes, the body feels gone, only comfortable and happy.

Do not practice more than 45 minutes each time.

After practicing for the first time, slowly experience relaxation and nature.

After the end, you can continue to stand, meditate, or rest directly, so that sleep will be more comfortable and natural.

At the end of each section (about 5 minutes), take a deep breath (abdominal breathing) 3 times, take a deep breath 6-9 times after the end, and then rest for a while.

Take a bath after the practice, remember not to bathe with cold water.
Trembling, the practice is simple and easy to learn, only takes about 15 minutes a day.

The biggest feature of this work: practice anytime, anywhere, regardless of time, venue restrictions.

Hurry and practice with your friends!

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