The practice of fever and fever in spring

The practice of fever and fever in spring

Spring is the season when various infectious diseases and respiratory diseases are high. These diseases are often accompanied by fever.

In traditional medicine, the famous recipe “Five Juice Drinks” for treating fever and injury is made by mixing jujube, pear, coriander, reed root, and Ophiopogon squeezed juice. These “five juices” are all cold and refreshing.Product is very suitable for patients who have just started to have a fever or have a high fever.

Among them, tadpoles are effective in controlling the early stage of fever even when consumed alone.

  □ Efficacy of food therapy: cooling blood, antipyretic, antivirus 荸荠, also known as horseshoe.

Chinese medicine believes that maggots are cold foods, which have the effects of clearing heat and purging fires, diuretic and laxative, cooling blood and detoxifying, and can not only clear away heat, but also supplement nutrition, which is especially suitable for patients with early fever.

As far as its nutrition is concerned, the trace metabolism of radon is not very high. At the same time, it is rich in phosphorus and antibacterial ingredients-yingying. It is not only beneficial to the development of bones and teeth, but also promotes the metabolism of sugar, trace and protein in the body.At the same time, it also inhibits bacteria such as E. coli.

  Studies have shown that radon also has a certain therapeutic effect on the prevention of acute infectious diseases, the treatment of respiratory diseases and anti-tumor.

Fever wounded, thirsty, upset with 120 grams of 去, wash and peel, mash the juice and drink, drink 1-2 times a day; or wash and peel 荸荠, eat for seven seconds at a time,Eating two times a day has a good disease prevention effect.

  □ Precautions for disease prevention: It is best to eat cooked food and grow in the soil, bacteria and parasites that are prone to stagger. Although it is crisp and delicious to eat raw, it is best to wash and cook it. The cooked wonton is sweeter and tastes is good.

It is better to eat crickets when you have fever, and it is more compatible with juices such as pear, cricket, and reed roots, but it is only a supplementary method of food therapy. When the fever persists or the disease worsens, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

  Data supplement: 78 grams per 100 grams of edible portion, of which the retina content is as high as 13.

1 gram, the estimated fiber content is 1.

1 gram, while the content of protein and aunt is only 1.

2 grams and 0.

2 grams, the transition is only 59 kcal.

Rhenium has a high phosphorus content, containing 44 mg per 100 grams, and potassium, sodium, and magnesium are not low, which is very beneficial to physical development and energy metabolism.