Tesla adopts cobalt-free battery: assists multiple strands to rise or stop charging efficiency or decrease

Tesla adopts cobalt-free battery: assists multiple strands to rise or stop charging efficiency or decrease

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  Original title: Tesla’s use of cobalt-free batteries: assisting multiple daily limit, the future charging efficiency or reducing the cobalt-free batteries between Tesla and Ningde era rumors, has set off a storm in the power battery industry.

According to Reuters reports on the evening of the 28th, new energy vehicle leader Tesla is discussing with the A-share listed company Ningde Times on the use of cobalt-free batteries in Chinese factories, and the two parties have entered the follow-up stage of negotiations.

If this negotiation finally comes to an end, it means that the lithium iron phosphate battery will enter the Tesla production line.

  On the 20th, this news will still affect the capital market, and multiple stocks such as BYD and other lithium iron phosphate related stocks have their daily limit.

重庆耍耍网Why did the industry leader Tesla choose lithium iron phosphate batteries and abandon the current mainstream ternary lithium batteries?

Will it have some impact?

  In order to abandon the “cobalt” layout for a long time, or to significantly reduce costs, according to institutional market weighing, Tesla is negotiating with the Ningde era of lithium battery supply. It plans to use cobalt-free batteries in China-made Model 3 models to replace currentTesla’s Panasonic 811 ternary lithium battery applies; then Tesla also said that there is currently a cooperation agreement with the Ningde era, and the lithium iron phosphate battery of the Ningde era “excludes cobalt itself.”

In addition, the self-developed super battery announced by Tesla will also contain zero cobalt.

Source of screenshot: Wind is affected by this news. 苏州桑拿网 On the 20th, the lithium iron phosphate battery index continued to rise.

According to Wind data, as of the close of the 20th, the daily limit of 4 shares of Fengyuan Co., Ltd., Fangami, BYD, and Xiangtan Electrochemical Co., Ltd.

  It is reported that power batteries are currently divided into two types: lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are used in the field of commercial vehicles due to cost and safety advantages, while ternary lithium batteries are used in passenger cars due to their higher energy density.
  The cost of cobalt is not cheap.

At the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Hundred People of Electric Vehicles Forum, Academician Ouyang Minggao said that the current cost of electricity for lithium iron phosphate battery systems is 600 yuan, compared with about 1,200 yuan for the cost of electricity for ternary lithium batteries.

Take the Tesla Model 3 as an example. Its basic version is 50 kWh. If lithium iron phosphate batteries are used, the cost is 3 million, while ternary lithium batteries are 6 million.

  Therefore, reducing costs also has a general interpretation of Tesla’s abandonment of “cobalt”.

This means that if domestic Tesla batteries can achieve “cobalt-free”, it will usher in a dimension of price reduction.

  In fact, Tesla has been increasing its layout on cobalt-free batteries in recent years, seeking to reduce battery costs.

In June 2018, Tesla’s founder Elon Musk had bluntly stated that at that time, the content of cobalt in Tesla’s batteries was only 3%, and the future will be “cobalt-free.”

  It is reported that if this rumor comes to fruition, Ningde Times will be Tesla’s third power battery provider after Panasonic and LG Chem.

  Tesla is also promoting the production and research and development of its own batteries.

In May 2019, Tesla acquired Maxwell, a supercapacitor and battery manufacturing company, which has multiple battery manufacturing technologies and patents. In October of the same year, Tesla acquired Canadian battery manufacturing company Hibar Systems.

  In December of the same year, Tesla applied for a patent for battery technology. The patent shows that by using new chemical materials, batteries with capacity, life, and consumption costs can be obtained.

Its performance will far exceed the current widely used lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles and other energy storage applications.

Tesla data map Xin Jingwei Fu Yumei’s rejection of “cobalt” will have a meaningful impact on batteries?

  In addition to cost, consumers are more concerned about the impact on battery performance after abandoning “cobalt.”

According to data released by the China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance, the annual increase in sales of power batteries in 2019 is 75.

6GWh, of which cumulative sales of ternary lithium batteries 53GWh, accounting for 70% of total sales; cumulative sales of lithium iron phosphate batteries 20.

6GWh, accounting for 27% of total sales.


  Not sharp, ternary lithium batteries are still the mainstream choice in the current power battery market.

An analyst of the lithium battery industry, who asked not to be named, told Zhongxin Jingwei: “The unique structure of cobalt can ensure that lithium cobaltate can effectively release lithium ions, that is, it can be efficiently charged and discharged, and there will be a comparison of the formation of crystalsGood protection.

Now whether it is a car or other electrical equipment, there is a certain demand for charging efficiency, that is, fast charging, and the structure of lithium cobaltate is also conducive to the fast charging mode.

“Data show that the discharge power of ternary lithium batteries is 39 times higher than that of lithium iron phosphate batteries.


The above analysts are also candidates, and the charging and discharging efficiency after abandoning “cobalt” will always be affected to some extent.

“If its own core material other than cobalt is basically a balance between cost and battery performance.

“He says.  However, ternary lithium batteries are also flawed.

Because the material is lively and has the lowest ignition point, its safety is not as good as that of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

In 2019, Weilai ES8, Weimar EX5, Yundu and other domestic new energy vehicle spontaneous combustion incidents have driven the ternary lithium batteries.

  ”Tesla’s consideration of this battery is a comprehensive result, that is, cost can be optimized, safety can be improved, charge and discharge efficiency is slightly reduced to an acceptable level, or efficiency loss can be reduced after molecular optimization.
“The analyst said.