“Support Lu Menglin!”The classmates shouted。

“teacher,Is he in danger?”A thin girl asked worriedly。
The young male teacher was taken aback for a moment,A confident smile suddenly appeared on his face。
“Will not!That kid has been very good since childhood!No one can bully him!”
This male teacher looks the same age as Lu Menglin,It’s not much older even if you are a few years older,He probably remembered the ignorant time when he was studying in Liufang No.1 Middle School,I remembered the blood of fighting side by side with someone。
now,Inside the Seoul Gymnasium, South Korea,The emotions of tens of thousands of people have reached their climax。
“Chinese,Get out!”
“Chinese,Get out!”
“Chinese,Get out!”
Tens of thousands of people yelled crazy,Waving arms,Driven by this frenetic atmosphere,Even the voice of truth,Has been buried in the dust。
People only want to believe what they believe,Or something that is good for you,For those cruel truths,Not many people are willing to face and accept。
“you guys,So noisy!”
at this time,Lu Menglin on the stage suddenly reached out and covered Kim So Yeon’s ears,She covered her eardrums with Dan Jin,Then get enough luck,Roar loudly。
This roar,Full of air,With vitality in the body,Roar like a dragon,Angrily,Remaining sound should go around the beam for three days without stopping。
Under Lu Menglin’s roar,The air on the stage seemed to be severely pinched by a big transparent hand,Crowded around。
The air wave spreads in all directions,Like an invisible but real shock wave,Blow up the front row of VIP seats。
The faces of those officials are constantly shaking by this wave of air,It’s like walking through a highway。
Drinking water on the table,The pen, paper, and other debris all fly to the back row,Missed even with the tablecloth。
And the staff standing around the stage,Including Elizabeth on stage,All under the impact of this sound,Can’t stand at all,Fell to the ground。