Just as they talk,The waiter has already served the table,Wang Youcai wanted to go,But the food and wine are here,He is too embarrassed to be hypocritical。

“President Wang!I wanted to sit with you a long time ago,But I have never had time,Since I ran into it tonight,Then let’s drink two glasses”Wen Shuilong said,Waved his hand。
Lan Ling quickly stood up,Take out two bottles of Wuliangye from the bag in the corner。This is good wine,Most people can’t even think of it,But he has something in his heart tonight,I really can’t get quiet。
Wen Shuilong saw Wang Youcai’s anxiety,He laughed and said:“President Wang!Do big things and be calm,What do you think this is,Not just a phone call,do not worry,This tonight is just a formality,These people caught,It will be all out in a few days”
“Don’t worry, Mr. Wang,You should believe in our ability,Let’s drink and drink,Let’s chat!“When Lan Ling said this,Gave Wang Youcai a wink。
Wang Youcai’s hanging heart was let go,It seems that this warm water dragon is really not blowing,A call he just made,Lan Ling should understand。
A few glasses of good wine,Wang Youcai feels a little airy,He slowly threw the matter of saving people out of the sky。Plus, Lan Ling is on the side to persuade Wang Youcai to drink,In a while,He almost climbed down drinking。
Tian Wa and Wu Wu waiting at the door,Anxious like an ant on a hot pot。Because they both knew,This can be big or small,They will be taken away by a pot。
Until eleven o’clock,Wang Youcai walked downstairs with Lan Ling’s support。He shook his body,The pace is as light as driving。Tian Wa saw it,Rushed in,Drove Wang Youcai to him。
“Mr. Wang drank too much,Take good care of him,Don’t let him have an accident“Lan Ling said to Tian Wa。Tian Wa responded,I couldn’t help but curse secretly that all good dishes are called pigs.。
Wu Wu sitting in the car saw Wang Youcai’s drink like this,Also quickly jumped out of the car,Helped Tian Wa and helped Wang Youcai into the car。
“Tell you,never mind,What can be“Wang Youcai lying on the seat,Talking in dreams。Gradually there is no sound。
Tian Wa glanced at Wu Wu and said:“How to do?Send him home?“
“Alright!He is drunk like this,Ni Buli will throw him out“Wu Wu whispered,Secretly glanced at Wang Youcai who was sleeping,He is afraid that if Wang Youcai is not asleep,,Doesn’t he make the boss angry?。
Two people thought for a long time,Wu Wu said with a sigh:“Let’s talk about it in the city,If you can’t, just register in a hotel“The two have discussed,Then I drove the broken jeep to the city。