“do not be angry,Your news is in the entertainment section,No gossip,Who will follow you?I am also for your good。”Wu Lili smiled and said。

“I have said it,I don’t need other people’s attention,All i want is fairness,What are you doing?”Xia Shuyue got angry after hearing Wu Lili’s explanation。
“Everyone writes like this,I’m the only one to give you good comments,It seems that I and everyone are not in the same group。”Wu Lili didn’t care,Eat barbecue,drink beer,“Don’t you eat,I ate it all。”
“I’m blind,I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person。”Xia Shuyue stood up to leave,Wu Lili beckoned her to sit down,Chunmei brought the barbecue again,I also pulled Xia Shuyue’s clothes to let her sit down,Chunmei now knows that Xia Shuyue is angry with Wu Lili。
Xia Shuyue sat down reluctantly,Still not talking。
“Tell you the truth,I thought about it for a long time while writing,I wanted to help you say something fair,Later I thought,In fact, there are deeper problems behind this,Think about it,Why are you being held on?Have you thought about these?”Wu Lili turned her face to Xia Shuyue and said。
Xia Shuyue shook his head,How does she know,If only I knew it。
135 Boss i’m wrong
“All entertainment,Not many people pay attention,I just fell in love with them,I think it has no effect on you,Which star hasn’t had any scandals yet??Moreover,No matter how wonderful the scandal is, it will pass by in a flash,No one will remember those things,Really okay。”Wu Lili explained。
Xia Shuyue listened to Wu Lili,Upset,Are some excuses,But one thing she listened to,Why can’t those punks get along with her?Why are you asking for trouble??There is always a reason!
“That day,You saw it too,A reporter exposed your old bottom face to face,At first I thought it was Fangmei company,So I checked Mr. Zhu, the owner of Fangmei,He is considered an influential person in our local area,He is a big company,No need to have trouble with a small person like you,Your social status,He challenged you,Also affect his reputation,He doesn’t need,Understand?”Wu Lili hit the nail on the head。
Xia Shuyue knows this,Mr. Zhu gave her 200,000 yuan,At first she thought it was pure hype,But now from all signs,Another reason,She started eating barbecue,drink beer,“Ok,Reporter Wu,You make sense,Tell me what you think。”
“You are right,Still angry with me,Tell you,If you don’t find the person behind you,I never have a quiet life。”Wu Lili eats barbecue slowly。
“but,I can’t think of it,I didn’t offend anyone!”Xia Shuyue and Wu Lili have a good conversation。