Jumping jazz dance is easy to slim down

Jumping jazz dance is easy to slim down

The women danced hot jazz dances, accompanied by dynamic music, all showed the charm of women, and the hot body.

“Innocent Jade Girl” Liang Qiqi once wore a black top hat and dressed in white costume to dance jazz on TV. The free and easy dance step just made her easy to be handsome, which means that it is very uncomfortable to lose weight and shape.

Let us try it too!

  Action 1 Knee and knee joints alternately twist forward, the body should relax, the upper body swings in the opposite direction, and the arms can naturally swing various shapes.

  Action 2 The right leg is straight, the top is squatted, the other side of the knee is delivered, the waist is chested, the right arm is broken, the head is aligned against the arm, the left arm is stretched down and the wrist is pressed down, and the body can alternate with the rhythm of the music.Rotate or rotate 360 degrees and repeat.

  Action 3 The two feet are close together, the knee joint is slightly flexed, the legs are tightened tightly, and the top is squatted to the right. At the same time, the force of inserting the chest and waist is felt. At the same time, the five fingers are separated, and the side is extended as far as possible to the side, and the body is S-shaped.

  Action 4 The legs are slightly flexed, the right foot is on the ground, the left leg is forced to the center of the caudal vertebra, the abdomen is quite waist, the shoulder is lowered, the arm is reset, and the upper body tries to twist to the rear.

  Action 5 legs apart, wide as shoulders, knees, reorganized arm reinserted into the forehead, the other side of the arm tightened behind the body, the fist is beyond the head, the head slightly back, dancing rhythmically.

Note that the head cannot be tilted too far back to prevent cervical spine injury.

  Action 6 legs are separated more than the shoulder width, knees, waist, shoulders relaxed, raised the arm, holding the empty fist, head relaxed, free to swing with the rhythm of music.

  Action 7 legs are separated, straight and wide at the top, the waist is hips, the body is tilted forward to twist, the hands and fingers are separated naturally, the head is lifted up and the body is slowly opened, and the upper body is picked up, while the middle waist is forced to control.
This action has a good weight loss effect on the front and waist.

  Tip: The jazz dance from the fitness instructor on the small joints, the movement of the small muscles, these are the places where our fitness is not easy to move, and it has a great amount of exercise, which can burn the body slightly.

Need to be reminded that when you dance jazz dance, you need to have the feeling of integrating music, so that the dance steps can be naturally smooth.

If your mood is very depressed, you may also want to dance jazz dance. It can even make you feel good.