Dietary precautions for patients with gastric bleeding are not recommended

Dietary precautions for patients with gastric bleeding are not recommended

Stomach hemorrhage is commonly referred to as upper gastrointestinal bleeding. More than 40% of cases are caused by stomach and duodenal ulcers. Irregular daily diet, overworked work, abnormal emotional tension, and people with a history of digestive tract are prone to develop.

In fact, it is a gastric hemorrhage caused by acute hemorrhagic gastritis. Most of the gastric bleeding caused by these two causes can be effectively treated after distance treatment.

So, what should be paid attention to in patients with stomach bleeding?


Diet should be regular, quantitative, fixed meals, not too full, excess diet after discharge from the semi-liquid diet to excessive soft food.

Do not eat rough, sour and irritating foods such as bamboo shoots, vinegar, bayberry, chili, coffee and more.


Smoking out alcohol and tobacco smoking will destroy the function of the pylorus door, change the disorder, and trigger bile reflux into the stomach. The high concentration of bile salts has a strong damage to the gastric mucosa, making the ulcer difficult to heal, so smoking cessation is very important.

Alcohol, especially high alcohol, can dissolve the gastric mucosal barrier, directly destroy the gastric mucosal barrier, and affect the healing of the ulcer, and it is the cause of ulcer bleeding.

Therefore, ulcers must be avoided after discharge.


Although it is transfused after the prevention of anemia and stomach bleeding, the patient is often anaemic, and can eat some foods with high iron content, such as spinach, pig liver, egg yolk and so on.

You can also eat some blood-supplying drugs such as Yixuesheng, iron dextran and so on.


Fasting drugs that damage the gastric mucosa such as hormones, salicylic acid, indomethacin, erythromycin, and blood.

If necessary, add a gastric mucosal protective agent such as Smecta, sucralfate, etc.


Pleasant spirits It is often said that the stomach is a mirror of emotions. The human cerebral cortex is associated with the internal organs, and the mood is not good, which also affects the healing of the ulcer.

Also pay attention to cold protection.