There are selenium to have health and longevity, and the top ten effects of selenium supplementation!

There are selenium to have health and longevity, and the top ten effects of selenium supplementation!

As early as 1817, selenium was discovered by humans.

It was not until the 1970s that scientists realized that selenium is an essential trace element for humans and animals, with magical and unique physiological functions.

Expert studies have found that the lack of selenium can lead to the emergence of various diseases, and some of the weakening of immunity is one of the most common symptoms.

In developing countries, 72% of the region is deficient in selenium, and the deterioration of immunity caused by selenium deficiency is more serious.

So, what is the role of selenium supplementation?

1, selenium can improve the body’s immune function selenium can enhance the immune system’s ability to recognize viruses, foreign bodies and metabolism in the body, improve immune system cell proliferation, antibody synthesis and blood antibody levels, improve immune system cell phagocytosis, sterilizationAbility to improve the body’s immune function.

2, selenium can prevent cancer and anti-cancer selenium is a cellulose killing agent, which can form an internal environment that inhibits proliferation, division and proliferation in the body.

After cancer surgery, selenium supplementation can significantly control the deterioration of the disease, eliminate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and help anticancer drugs improve the efficacy.

3, selenium can heart disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, selenium can reduce blood viscosity, lower blood lipids, significantly lower cholesterol, triglyceride and low-density lipoprotein levels, while significantly increasing high-density lipoprotein levels and reducing thrombosis.

Because of its good protection to the heart, selenium is known as the “guardian of the heart”, and the food supplemented with selenium helps protect the heart.

4, selenium can protect the liver The human liver is a selenium library, the concentration of selenium in the liver is significantly higher than other tissues and organs.

Selenium is the main protective factor for nutritional liver necrosis.

The more severe the liver disease, the lower the blood selenium content.

Selenium can prevent hepatitis and prevent liver cancer.

A large number of scientific and technical personnel have found that selenium in patients with liver injury such as alcoholic liver disease, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver ascites is significantly lower than that of normal people.

Selenium is the protector of alcoholics. Appropriate selenium supplementation can protect the liver by accelerating alcohol catabolism.

5, selenium can resist oxidation, delay aging of the elderly oxidative damage is an important cause of human disease, aging.

Selenium can activate important substances in the body’s own antioxidant system, control and eliminate oxidative damage, thereby preventing diseases and prolonging human life.

6, selenium can participate in the treatment of diabetes, the loss of selenium can cause some islet cell synthesis and secretion of insulin function of primary damage, selenium can protect the plasma island.

The pathological response of diabetic complications in the body is extensive glycosylation and oxidative damage. Inhibition of oxidative and non-enzymatic glycation can alleviate or delay the complications of diabetes, and selenium can have significant inhibition.

7, selenium can protect, repair cell selenium in the whole cytoplasm to the body’s metabolic activities of antioxidants, play a role in digestion and reduction, protect cell membrane structure damage oxide damage.

Protecting the cells protects the body’s heart, liver, kidney, lungs and other important organs.

8, selenium can protect the eyes If the human eye’s long-term lack of selenium intake, it will occur vision loss and many eye diseases such as cataract, retinopathy, pseudo-myopia, night blindness and so on.

Without sufficient selenium, the lipid peroxide in the lens cannot be removed in time, causing opacity of the lens and formation of a cataract.

Therefore, people with eye diseases can eat more foods with high selenium.

9, selenium can increase the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells. Selenium protects red blood cells in the blood. Hemoglobin in red blood cells will not be oxidized. Its oxygen carrying capacity is strong, and excess oxygen can be supplied to each cell of the body, so that each oneThe cells fully maintain normal function.

Therefore, it also solves the problem of brain hypoxia in mental workers and reduces depression and fatigue.

10, selenium detoxification, anti-virus, anti-pollution, selenium as a non-metal ion of negative ions, in the human body can be combined with harmful metal ions with a positive electrode, lead, aluminum, mercury, cadmium, antimony and other harmful metal ions that can induce cancerExclude in vitro.

Selenium can reduce the side effects of chemical carcinogens, pesticides and indirect carcinogens.

Thus, selenium has gained the reputation of “natural antidote”.