Five Rheumatoid Arthritis Decoctions

Five Rheumatoid Arthritis Decoctions

(1) Chili Lean Broth: 100 grams of lean pork and 90 grams of chili root.

Once daily for 7-10 days.

Suitable for wind cold and dampness.

  (2) Papaya soup: suitable for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, joint swelling and pain in bones and muscles.

4 papaya, steamed and peeled, grinded into mud, white honey refined in 1 second.

Mix the two things and add them to the net porcelain.

Start with 1-2 spoons of boiled water every morning.

  (3) Pork foot stretch soup: barley rice, papaya, stretch grass, 60 grams each of Millennium Health, wrapped with gauze, put in the pot with 1-2 pig feet, rotten torch, remove residue, do not putsalt.

Eat soup and eat meat in two meals.

  (4) Beef tendon soup: 50 grams of beef tendon, continued off, 15 grams each of Eucommia ulmoides, 50 grams of chicken blood vine, decoction, eat soup.

It is mainly used for patients with rheumatoid arthritis who suffer from soreness and weakness.

  (5) White fungus longan soup: first soak 200 grams of white fungus and thoroughly wash and remove the stalks. After boiling, simmer for half a crisp, add 100 grams of longan meat, and cook until the white fungus is rotten.

Take 2 tablespoons daily in the morning.

For rheumatoid arthritis mixed with cold and heat.