Chengdu High-tech Zone Cooperative Street held the first "Heshi Neighborhood" Ginkgo Culture Festival

It is understood that this activity is divided into "Science and Technology Cooperation" Virtual Sports Garden, "Wen Chuang Cooperation" will then have ancient rhyme Sichuan, "Beauty in cooperation" meets the net red autumn city, "Full cooperation" meets four regions of love.

At the scene, many non-legacy inheritors assembled in the literary exhibition area, and the residents showed a glucose, rope, paper-cutting, etc. in the teaching experience, and the first floor of the LED large screen + Xbox360 virtual body sensation game machine, attracting residents They rings to the long team, group interactive experience multi-person dance, tennis, basketball, racing and other virtual video games; the ophthalmology, orthopedics, oral, and Chinese medicine physician of all major proceedings are the health of the residents in the jurisdiction, combined with the current stage. Epidemic situation and normalization prevention and control work, enhance public protection awareness and protection level; SF Express, etc. Tian open community residents and college students with colorful "Taobao" booths, fully release the active multi-elevation atmosphere of youth friendly city. "Cultural Creative Community Scene is the endogenous motivation of urban culture. This is not only a joy of a resident to feel the rhyme of the community in the details, but also a community and city to explore the exchange of innovative cultural development.

"The organizers of the event, Chengdu is accelerating the construction of the world’s cultural city, high-tech zones through colorful cultural activities, enhance the influence of Tianfu culture in young people, through the development of community Wenchuang life, accelerate the cultural community in Chengdu The brand building and output of High-tech Zone, embracing the world with the Tianfu culture, creating a community atmosphere with both international Fan and Chengdu taste.

It is reported that the Chengdu High-tech Zone has worked hard to promote different cultural content in urban communities and industrial communities, which will help Chengdu from the national historical and cultural city. A open pattern to the world Wenchuang City.

(Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia).