But what he didn’t expect was,That foreigner came back。

“Dear Qin Feng,how,Are you surprised,I will come back?”Look at that foreigner
Smiled at Qin Feng,His eyes also made Qin Feng very upset。Is this provoking?
Just in the village,Qin Feng couldn’t do anything to this person。
Even those guys before,There is no way to directly prove the person in front of you。
“What do you do?”Qin Feng said with a look of disgust,He is really upset now。
“Nothing big,I just want to ask you,Is there anything to sell,If you want to betray,I can help you too。”
Oh,correct,Let me introduce my real name and identity,My name is smith davie,I come frommHead of a biological company in China,I am also really interested in working with you。
David handed the business card to Qin Feng with a serious face.,The business card in his hand is gilded。
Qin Feng glanced at David blankly,Then he said coldly:“Is that it??If nothing happens,I’m like this。”
(End of this chapter)
Chapter 922 Foreign moons are rounder
David was also a little surprised,He originally thought Qin Feng would say something,In the end, Qin Feng said something like that?
“Sorry,I am also a bit abrupt here,This time I have one thing to tell you,Transfer the company and secret formula you have to me,I give you 10 billion,How about you think about it?”
David doesn’t know what special effects the vegetables in this place have,That’s because of the environment here,Or because of other circumstances。
It’s just that he wants to get many things。
“Ha ha,Do you know how much capital flow our company has?”Qin Feng said mockingly,He doesn’t know where David is from,I even dared to say such a thing。
David said without thinking:“What is your capital flow like,I do not mind,I care about the situation,That’s what you can get,What can i get too。”