“However, I recruited six computer programming experts from MIT and Stanford University,Follow your instructions,I brought them all this time,Staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel not far away!”

“Great,Family line,You are really my blessing,Too efficient!”Qiao Tianyu is very satisfied with the progress of Li Jiaxing’s work。
“I still have a small task here,Give you three days,You must finish it for me in three days!”
After talking about Qiao Tianyu, he listened to it,Confessed to Li Jiaxing.
The next two days,Qiao Tianyu did not break his promise,Nine o’clock every morning,Go to work at Palizovsky’s villa on time,Get off work and return to the hotel on time at 6pm,Really did it“Three visits to thatched cottage”。
However, that little wild donkey seems to be very shameless to Qiao Tianyu,I haven’t even shown one side for three days,An angry chubby face complained,It’s just a torch to light the villa。
Time finally came to the fourth day,After breakfast in the morning,Qiao Tianyu is going out again,Made chubby face stunned。
“I said Master,Didn’t we say good things to go to the cottage??We have been there for three days,Go now?”
“Hahaha,I’m not going to Palizovsky’s house today,I will take you to Andre!”Qiao Tianyu smiled。
“Find Andre?Do you know where andre is?”
The chubby face is even more confusing,Since Qiao Tianyu knows where Andre is,Why go to his house and wait for him for three days?
Qiao Tianyu smiled without answering,Leaving the hotel and boarding the car with a chubby face,I personally directed the driver to drive the car all the way to Gogorevsky Avenue in Moscow14number,It’s only one kilometer away from the famous Cathedral of Christ the Saviour,In front of an unremarkable two-story milky white building。
Although this two-story building is inconspicuous,But it is one of the most admired places in Russia right now,To understand the meaning of this small building,We have to start with the national quintessence of the former Soviet Union。