By the square,Xia Jian saw Li Yueming stopped a car,Took a taxi and left with Lina。

Standing in the night breeze,Xia Jian awakened his brain a little,Just look back now,I found that Zhang Yong had also gone downstairs。Three people looked at each other and smiled,Stopped a car,Back to the hotel together。
In Xia Jian’s room,Zhang Yong still avoid。For safety reasons,He still went back to his room to monitor Xia Jian’s door。In case something happens,He can also come and remedy this。
“We learned a lot tonight,Not only met Wu Xiong and Li Yueming,He basically figured out the relationship between the two,Go on like this,It won’t take ten and a half days,We can find out everything here”Xia Jian said confidently。
Bai Li took a breath and said:“Yes!I did not expect,It went so smoothly。But I have to say your ingenuity。If it wasn’t for Xu Feng who used it well,How can we have such a big gain?I really want to thank him”
“Just remember this and don’t forget it,But can’t let anyone know”Xia Jian said,Face straight,Look serious。
Bai Li looked at Xia Jian,Suddenly remembered the scene of Xia Jian holding her tonight。Unconsciously,Bai Li’s face slowly turned red。
Xia Jian noticed Bai Li’s sluggish eyes,He hurriedly smiled and said:“A lot of things happened today,You have to sort out a document”
“Oh!Don’t worry about this,I was prepared。Tell me about the work of the day!”Bai Li recovered,Said to Xia Jian with a little embarrassment。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Tomorrow we will go to the construction site,Learn something about the project from the contractor。It would be great to find relevant evidence,But even if there is no evidence,We just need to straighten out Zhang’s relationship network,You can show your cards”
“it is good!I know what to do”Bai Li finished,Got up and went。
the next morning,Xia Jian got up very late。It was nine o’clock when he got up,I don’t know why Bai Li didn’t wake him up。He rinsed off,Go straight downstairs。
Zhang Yong is waiting for him in the car downstairs,Xia Jian feels strange,After asking, I realized that Bai Li didn’t get up。It seems that she was busy late last night。
Just when Xia Jianzheng and Zhang Yong were chatting,Bai Li just got downstairs。She said embarrassedly as soon as she got in the car:“Sorry,Data from the whole day last night,It’s almost four o’clock in bed,I didn’t expect to sleep till nine o’clock”
“It’s ok,I just got up。But this time just passed,It’s no use going early”Xia Jian finished,So Zhang Yong started the car。
2#Pavilion area50Many acres,It can be said to be a very large project。Zhang Yong drove the van to2In front of Hall No.,As there is no pass,The car can’t enter,Xia Jian can only walk in with Bai Li。
But when the three of them entered,The security guard on duty kept staring at them,Feels like a thief。Okay,Xia Jian and Bai Li are both people who have seen this world,They walked without panic at all。
2#Inside,Construction everywhere。Endless traffic,Dust flying everywhere。Bai Li glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Don’t you go in,Just waiting here,Zhang Yong and I go in and have a look”
“Nothing,Let’s go in together!”Xia Jian’s voice just fell。I heard a mess of footsteps。