China Practice of the People’s Democracy

  On July 30, 2021, members of the Children’s Tall of Children in Wulipan Street in Huangpu District, Shanghai fill in the votes at the election event. Founded in 2020, Wuliqiao Street Children’s Tall of Community has from community schools and residential districts, and members of the Children’s Council between 8 and 13th will regularly discuss the hot topic of minors and through community. Investigating, in response to issues related to learning living in the community, put forward their own recommendations to the streets and communities. Xinhua News Agency reporter Fang Xiaotian Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan December 12 electric (Reporter Lu Mengqi, Zhang Yujie, Xu Xiaoying) "Democracy: The Second Phase II for the Common Value" International Forum Recently, in Beijing, from more than 50 countries and regions, nearly 10 More than 100 advances in the international organization, an important representative of international organizations, experts scholars, and media representatives, a dialogue around the relevant issues. Previously, the Chinese State Department News Office issued the "China’s democracy" white paper, and the system of the people’s democracy is elaborated. A number of foreign people said that the people’s democracy in China is a real, suitable for China’s national conditions. Professor Roland Bol, Professor, Marxist College, Australian Dalian University of Science and Technology, believes that this democratic model is very suitable for China’s development, and has a high degree of institutional superior system. The whole process of people’s democracy is the great creation of the Chinese Communist Party leading the people, comprehensively promoting democratic elections, democratic consultations, democratic decisions, democratic management, democratic supervision, and cooperating the election democracy and negotiation democracy, achieving democracy, democracy, procedures democracy and Sub-democracy, direct democracy and indirect democracy, people’s democracy and national will have unified. Foreign students who have studied a master’s degree in Taiyuan University of Science and Technology Ale’s close to the vitality of this democratic model in China.

The 27-year-old Kazakhstan girl has been studying for 4 years in China. She came to Dazhai Village, Xiyang County, Shanxi Province, and visited how the village committee was elected.

  The village committee is a grassroots mass autonomous organization produced by villagers.

In Dazhai Village, Ale saw that the villagers put the ballot box in an orderly manner, posted a telephone number in the propaganda column, and the discipline inspection and supervisor conducted on-site supervision, the entire electoral process ended in public transparency.

  She found that grassroots autonomy made Dazhai Village villagers filled the spirit of the owner, everyone cares about the village development.

  China’s democracy is the people’s democracy, the people are the essence and core of Chinese democracy.

Always adhere to the people-centered to ensure that the people are the main position, and is the magic weapon of the Chinese Communist Party leading China to achieve independence and prosperity.

  Various attempts of Western political institutional models such as semi-colonial semi-feudal society have been debut, and they will eventually end in failure. Until 1921, the Chinese Communist Party was established, and it tried to light the light of China’s democracy.

  In July 1945, Mao Zedong was answered Huang Yanpei. Rate. This new road is democracy.

"This is the people’s democracy, the Communist Party of China has always been struggling for this goal. Paul Dou Alt, Professor Minghu University, Portugal, said from the perspective of democracy, in China, the people, the people, for their own government, for oneself Destinity is proud. Complete institutional procedures and complete participation practices, so that the whole process people democracy root in China, the people have a wide range of democracy, real specific, and effective manner.

  For this, Alai has a deep experience in Dazhai Village.

"The grassroots mass autonomous autonomous is a vivid example of the people’s democracy, and plays an important role in the countryside in China.

Ale said.

  And the young girl saw it, just a side of the whole process of people’s democracy. In China, the people’s democracy has a scientific and effective institutional arrangement in the whole process.

The people’s democratic dictatorship, the government, multi-party cooperation and political consultation system, grassroots mass autonomous system, etc. It is fully reflected in the policy. Last year, at a symposium, Putinari, deputy principal, the vice president of Tashan Yao Township, Chang Ning City, Hunan Province, proposed the opinion of "Treatment of the Teacher’s Towards of the Wide Township Towns" and finally written to the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. The Common Conference Bulletin. "I didn’t expect the opinions and suggestions made in the grassroots representative symposium, so there is a response so soon." Pan Yi said. Shanghai Hongqiao Street is one of the grassroots legislative contact points established by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.

In the impression of information-officials, on the symbol, the information from all positions is always express, sitting together to participate in the discussion, submit suggestions.

  "We have a resident, and there is a sense of participation in the consultation, and the national rule of law system is constantly ripe, with the times.

"He said. Since its establishment in July 2015, Hongqiao Street Grassroots Legislation Point has completed the joint work of 60 laws, summarizes more than 1,000 recommended recommendations, including 92 were adopted. For a long time, from Participants from all levels of the people at all levels of China’s collasts and the CPPCC committee must in depth in various fields and grassroots political politics, so that the will of the people will be reflected in the world. As of the end of 2020, China has a total of 2.62 million Among them, the representatives of the county and hometown two people represent the total representatives.

  "The whole process of people’s democracy fundamentally guarantees the status of the people, providing strong support for the Chinese Communist Party to governing the country, and play an important role in social stability and economic development.

"Huang Xianzhong, Professor Xiangtan University Marxism, said that China’s democracy focuses on solving the problems that the people need to solve, is not ornaments. Today, the people’s democracy is still continuous in China.

Beijing CPPCC explores legislative consultations, Zhejiang deepens "seven issues list", local people’s Congress has built 2.20,000 representative liaison stations, supervision mechanisms are more sound … all inject fresh blood into the practice of people’s democracy. "Democracy is the common value of all mankind. It is neither a patent and there is no fixed mode.

The whole process of people’s democracy has answered the question of the world of Chinese democracy to use, and the democracy can promote the asking of the human fate community.

"Huang Xianzhong said. (Participate in writing: Xie Yuan, Yang Yi).