You must know how to apply your face


You must know how to apply your face

Beauty is a woman’s nature!

There are hundreds of ways for women to maintain. If you really want to talk about the pursuit of beauty, you must thank the ancient women!

As you open the history of women’s beauty, you will find many skin care methods that are now very important, dating back to the past, women in ancient times have already used them, such as applying a face.

Women in ancient times have already applied the face simply. They found that the application of the face to the skin has the function of maintenance and care, making the skin obviously smooth and soft.

It can be seen that beauty is not ancient or modern.

  ★ The effect of applying the face The reason why applying the face is considered as the most important procedure in the maintenance of the facial skin, is that it is based on the actual skin properties and conditions, using a mask suitable for personal skin to help the skin healthierA way.

Its role is as follows: 1.

It can eliminate excess oil, regulate the sebaceous glands on the face, and prevent the occurrence of acne, facial pimples and acne.


The long application of the face can decompose the agglomeration of melanin in the skin, keep the skin supple and prevent the generation of dark freckles.


In fact, applying your face is the cleanest way to clean your skin!

Because it can completely remove dirt, lead, mercury, toxins, etc. in the pores, and absorb oil from the skin, kill cells, rough horny, and make the pores relax.

And neutralize the skin’s excessive acid and alkali and have a soothing effect of mild, astringent pores.


Because the facial products contain high levels of nutrients, they can be maintained and prevent small fine lines on the skin, and because they are rich in nutrients, they are especially suitable for dry skin.


Various fat-soluble vitamin C with natural ingredients that can be absorbed by the skin?

In addition to melanin.


With a mild astringent, it can reduce skin allergies, promote skin metabolism, and excrete toxins.

  ★ Choose the right facial products1.

Using gherkin lemon to apply a face is a big mistake!

  Speaking of applying your face, if the first picture in your mind is a picture with two eyes covered with gherkins and lemon peel on your cheeks, then you are misled by the story of Dianping!

Because this way of skin care is simply a big mistake.

If you think about it, this facial lotion should be close to the whole face, and most of the ingredients are important.

The most feared thing is that the face was damaged by rumors or inaccurate facial spreads that have been circulating for a long time, making the original helper to beautify the skin, but the murderer who damaged the skin.

  Squeezing juice from fresh fruits and vegetables and using flour or milk powder dressing is an old way of applying face.

At present, there are still a lot of crushes who keep this old thinking, think lemon, loofah?

Aloe vera and other plants help skin become smooth and white.

However, according to the scientific theory of the skin’s physiological structure tissue, our skin is fat-soluble and has sebaceous glands, which can prevent moisture from penetrating into the surface layer of the skin. As an alternative to fresh fruits and vegetables, the skin cannot absorb it at all;It is more susceptible to air pollution and bacterial infection, which is harmful and useless.

If there is a facial blister or wound on the skin at this time, it has even caused inflammation of the hair follicles and even sensitive facial blister!

So please stop this terrible way of applying your face now!


A waxy facial product made with paraffin and petroleum gum should be suitable according to your skin type, otherwise it will easily lead to serious symptoms such as pink powder, facial blisters and allergies.

Facial products made from mineral ingredients, although it can effectively remove pores and thick keratin, it is helpful for dry and aging skin; but it is not suitable for acne and facial oilSkin and allergic skin.


Concentrated facial products made of plants containing natural minerals, such as the essences of various herbs, flowers, and fresh fruits, combined with traditional Chinese medicine, biology, and vitamins, are concentrated with the latest science and technology.Properties, moisturizing the skin, easy absorption.
  ★ The correct method of applying the face can actually go to the counters of major department stores and ask professional beauticians to use scientific instruments to help you inspect the skin and thoroughly understand the actual conditions in your skin and the causes of skin texture or beauty problems; then choose the appropriateApply your own mask and skin care products.
After cleansing and washing your face, steam your face to make the pores open. If you have acne or rough cuticles on your skin, remove the cuticles and take care once or three times a week (depending on the skin).

  Then prepare a clean magnetic bowl and rice dumplings, add an appropriate amount of surface product, and make sure that it is not thin and thick, and can be smoothly applied to it.

When applying water, please do not apply too thin or too thick, from the cheeks to the forehead, the entire face can be applied to penetrate the pores, suck the dirt on the face, and remember to expose the eyes, nostrils, lips.

(Now there are also top-up products that directly add the maintenance solution to the mask. If you use alternative products, you don’t need to pay attention to this point.

) The time of applying the face should not be too long or too short, about fifteen to twenty minutes, it can be removed after being dried for eight minutes. Applying too long or too dry can easily cause itching or allergies.

When removing the mask, carefully roll up the mask slowly and remove it. The remaining part can be gently wiped with a warm towel.

The entire action process should be gentle to prevent counter-effects for those with weak skin.

  And remember to use skin care products after applying the face, so that there will be no signs of dryness, tightness or allergies, because the pores will be dry and moisturized after the mask is removed. Please choose skin care products suitable for your skin type.PH quality (acidity and alkalinity, replenishing lotion, essence or lotion, the correct application procedure is water → lotion → cream → special conditioning (partial), such as freckle cream and facial cream or scar cream →Eye cream, lip cream.

) Also remember!


Do not use products that are not suitable for personal skin or contain strong medicinal effects.


Morning and night must be cleaned and maintained on time. The oily part is removed more and the dry part is more moisturized.

In fact, different skin types should replace different surface covering agents: such as oily skin or acne-prone, those with facial blisters are more suitable for “balanced conditioning facial products”; those with dark and thick skin are more suitable for “natural acidic”Face Products”; Medium-dry or freckled skin is suitable for “whitening facial products”; Dry skin or aging-prone skin is suitable for “cellular facial products”, and skin that is sensitive or has microvasculatureApplicable to “Sensitive Special Face Products”.