It’s important that we fall in love, don’t we?

It’s important that we fall in love, don’t we?

In the well-known Argentinian cartoonist Zino’s “Mafada and Friends”, Mafada has a younger brother named Ji Ye, who likes to drink soup and can’t speak clearly.

He would take apart all the feather pillows and let the feathers fly around, and sincerely asked the mother who pushed in the door: “Are these big pillows made of autumn chickens?

“He will graffiti on the walls and floors of the house, and innocently ask his mother,” How can there be so many things in this pencil? ”

“Don’t look at this little guy who still has a pacifier on his mouth and talks a lot, but he often knows the truth of the world and life.

Once, my mother found out that he turned on the faucet, and the water poured from the bathroom to the room.

She collapsed by the wall.

Ji also said pitifully to his mother, “It’s important, mother, we love each other. Could you not see the water?

This ace of Ji Ye is really good.

Once a colleague was frustrated by my boss in my office, I patted her beard and said, “It’s important that we love each other, don’t we?

“My colleague stunned and smiled.

  The important thing is to love each other. How did this little devil know this secret?

He knows that love is the softest quality in a person’s heart. No matter how big a storm, no matter how bad the situation is, no matter how difficult it is to clean up, playing this trump card, who will not care?

Moreover, it was originally a loving mother.

  How many times have we scorned, accused, complained, and looked coldly at each other, and not punishing is not enough to calm my anger, hoping to change each other according to our own ideas.

But how many times have we started from love, but have come to the opposite side of it?

Pray for benevolence and benevolence. What we ask for is love. What do we get?

This is true for children and for those we love.

I forgot where I saw this sentence: “We can care about each other, and while we still have time, we can be merciful.