“it is good!I wait for you to catch up!Harmony of Man and Nature,World without me,Fang Dezhengguo!”Lu Menglin gave a fist to win,Speak loudly。

His fist,I respect the other party’s sincere pursuit of martial arts,I respect the loneliness that people in the same way know,No borders,There is no difference between superior and inferior。
Every word he won’t listen to,Feel unpredictable,Thought-provoking,I really admire it。
but,The two appreciate each other so much,But I’m worried about the people next to me。
Especially Song Qingming,Seeing how the two of them started chatting and chatting, and they talked so speculatively,Sympathy,This makes him angry。
“Difficult to win,Don’t you forget,You have to try out his power attributes!”Song Qingming yelled desperately in a hurry。
It’s hard to win,Very ugly expression on face。
“Budo sincere,Valuable,Clear mind,Can only have the idea。”Lu Menglin smiled and said a few more words。
The face of difficulty in winning has eased a lot,Nod,Give him a fist,Tao:“Mr. Wu Hao,It’s hard to win the younger generation,From Mr. Dangbai!”
After speaking,Difficult to win, he turned his head and pointed at Emperor Qin and Zheng said blankly:“Hard to win and useless,Mr. Wu Hao is much stronger than me,I can’t try his strength!”
Emperor Qin wins Zheng with a stunned look,Staring blankly at the strongest man in the Iron Qin Kingdom,Five flavors in the heart,I don’t know what to say。
“Uncle King,You also save some face for Tie Qin Guo!You are the strongest in Tieqin,Usually touted as the number one in the chaos circle,Now you can settle for Wu Hao in two or three strokes,I also respect others,Isn’t this pressing our Tie Qin country’s face on the ground??”
Emperor Qin wants to return,But I dare not show it at all on my face,Because he knows,Uncle’s weird temper,Stubborn temperament,If you provoke him at this time,The ghost knew he would say something more embarrassing!