After Qin Feng experienced this round of memories,I’m already in pain and sweat,He knew he couldn’t keep thinking about it like this。

I can only wait until tomorrow to see,Now have these clues,I should be able to find that old place。
To determine the direction,He also called Yuan Yi,He pulled out the phone he just picked up。
I found Yuan Yi’s phone and called,Asked,“Do you know there is a cliff in our city??There is a big tree on the top of the cliff,Under the cliff is a large area of woods?”
Yuan Yi was still cooking Yun Duo’s medicated food at home,Suddenly I heard Qin Feng’s words and wanted to ask him if he remembered him?But I heard Qin Feng’s serious tone,So Yuanyi became serious too。
“What’s wrong, Brother Qin,Cliff??We don’t seem to have any cliffs,Every cliff will have a mountain and a big tree.?This is a bit hard to find,Did something happen?”
Yuanyi didn’t think of it,Which place fits Qin Feng’s description。
“Then I have a rival,The name is Long Qianyuan,You know?”
Qin Feng asked again。But this time Yuanyi immediately jumped up and replied,“How could i not know!Long Qianyuan that bastard,But Brother Qin, your biggest enemy。”
Yuan Yi is angry,Like Long Qianyuan is his enemy。
Qin Feng knew his guess after listening,It should be right that the person who called is Long Qianyuan, no doubt。But the location hasn’t been determined yet!
Qin Feng does not give up,Asked Yuanyi again and said,“Is there any hill in our city that is sparsely populated?,Few people go?”
Yuanyi thought about it and said,“You have to ask which entertainment place in our city can be fun,For fun,I can still tell you,But you have to ask which mountain top looks like,I really don’t know this。”
Yuanyi answered Qin Feng with helplessness,“But I can ask my men to help you find。”Yuanyi added。
Qin Feng didn’t say anything after listening,But after a while,“so be it,Nothing。”
he knows,If you ask Yuan to look for it again and again,Time must be too late。