Chen Geng said this,Not only Kawashima’s preference and Kume are stunned,The other executives of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. were also stunned.:Yes indeed,When we built thatCIVICOn the production line,Why didn’t you even consider cooperating with domestic companies?,But without hesitation、As if fascinated by the devil, I found the German Krupp company directly.?Dongying tradition,Isn’t it possible to cooperate with domestic companies as much as possible??Why didn’t Honda Motor Co., Ltd. achieve this??

This is totally incomprehensible。
At this time, Chen Geng’s voice came to mind again:“I find,Not only did you do this at Honda Tech,Toyota, the boss of Dongying Automobile Industry, did the same.,Mazda、Suzuki、Dafa……Dongying’s automobile companies all ignore the fact that the domestic industrial sector can provide themselves with a full set of automobile production equipment and automation equipment.,I chose American products without hesitation、European goods,to be frank,I can’t understand this at all,Mr. Kawashima,Mr. Kume,I don’t know if you two can help me out?”
Kume is sweating on Shiwa Kawashima’s favorite face!
First254chapter Dongying,Sorry,What you think is not what you think
Chen Geng suddenly smiled,He smiled and looked at Hedao likes:“Mr. Kawashima,Can I think that the remarks of your gentlemen represent Honda’s views on this matter??”
“……”Kawashima likes to hesitate,Still nod:“you can say so。”
Chen Geng pointed at himself:“What if i could?”
Hedao likes to look at Chen Geng with a confused look:“what do you mean?”
“If I can use Dongying’s equipment to produce a complete set of four processing capabilities and related testing equipment、At the same time, the car production line that can be equal to Krupp and other companies in terms of efficiency??”Chen Geng smiled,Repeat my words again。
This time,There will be no ambiguity and misunderstanding。
“This is impossible!”