Marriage run-in talked about

Marriage “run-in” talked about

Case: Zhang Ling and Ma Hui were twenty-six and six, just married less than a year ago.
When they fell in love, the two who were tired every day felt extremely happy. They were busy dating every day and entered the sacred hall of marriage within six months.
After a short honeymoon trip, the young couple had a fairly satisfying little life.
But this time is not good. Within two months, the two began to quarrel continuously. The reason for the quarrel was caused by trivial things in life, what food to eat, who to work, what channels to watch, etc.It ‘s been a long time of noisy for five days, and both of them are unwilling to stay in a home full of gunpowder, and they do not communicate with each other while they are at home at the same time.The same, as two familiar strangers.
  Expert diagnosis: According to relevant statistics, maintaining a marriage is not so easy.
Especially after one and a half to two years, the honeymoon period will pass by. “By then all fantasy will fall into the abyss of reality.” After this shock, about 70% of couples will be satisfied with their marriage.Decrease and do not pick up.
For people who are just getting married or planning to get married, most of their attention is focused on weddings and honeymoons. Wang Zhenyu of the Marriage and Family Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said that this kind of newly-married stage needs a break-in period.This situation can easily occur if the two sides are running badly.
However, this process is real and natural, because the couples originally came from two different families, and their living habits and communication methods will be different, such as the schedule, diet, etc. These small things in life are particularly likely to cause friction, Quarrel or dispute.
  The key point is the lack of premarital education, insufficient physical and psychological preparation, and insufficient understanding and understanding of marriage.
Marriage is not purely to enjoy life, the process is long and suffers many psychological setbacks.
At the peak of love, young men and women often think too little about the collisions in marriage and the conflicts in real life. They have not prepared enough for the future life, so they cannot accept them psychologically.
  In the United States, there are specialized organizations such as the church to provide marriage counselling and training for newcomers who are about to enter the marriage hall. Through the counseling of married couples, they help participants avoid bad unions and fulfill relationships.
It is reported that as early as 10 years ago, countless newlyweds in the United States participated in the premarital service plan provided by the church.