Exercises that Effectively Reduce Parkinson’s Symptoms: Tai Chi

Exercises that Effectively Reduce Parkinson’s Symptoms: Tai Chi

Recently, “New England Medicine” published an article saying that playing Tai Chi can improve the balance and motor function of Parkinson’s patients, and reduce the incidence of falls.

  The study was completed by a research facility in Oregon, USA.

Researchers divided 195 patients into 3 groups, receiving tai chi training, resistance training, and traction training. Patients received 2 60-minute training sessions per week for 24 weeks.

  The results show that the Taiji training group is in all aspects the pull training group and the resistance training group.

In addition, the remaining training in the Taiji group lasted for an additional 3 months without any adverse complications.

  Parkinson’s disease, also known as “tremor paralysis,” is a neurodegenerative disease. Patients are mainly manifested as impaired motor function, including loss of limb capacity, difficulty walking, often falling, and often being affected.

In this study, Tai Chi training can reduce balance problems and improve motor function in patients with mild to moderate Parkinson’s disease.

Researchers believe that Tai Chi is a very standard exercise, simple and easy to learn, and can be used as a part of family exercise and rehabilitation treatment for Parkinson’s patients.