When talking,Lu Menglin is also carefully observing the two junior high school students in front of him,from head to foot,Look very carefully。

Both are black and thin,Taller this,Wearing a dirty yellow sweater,I haven’t washed my hair for a few days。The short one,I’m clean,It’s just that the elbows of the clothes are a little white,I also put a patch of the same color on my knee,Obviously the family is not very good。
The two of them felt a little hairy when being looked at by the young boss,But dare not attack,Can only stare at me,Really dare not say anything。
at last,Lu Menglin’s gaze was fixed on the trouser pocket of a short junior high school student。
“Kids,Can you show me what’s in your pocket?”Lu Menglin smiled。
The black and thin junior high school student was taken aback first,Then showed an expression of indignation,Took out all the bits and pieces in the pocket。
“Look!All here!Can these break the machine?”Hei Shou Junior High asked aggressively。
Everyone took a closer look,What the junior high school student took out of his pocket was half a pack of dried cigarettes,The cheapest plastic lighter,And some crumpled waste paper。
It seems clear at a glance,These things are too common,And can’t cause the malfunction of the game console。
The eyes of everyone present couldn’t help but look at Lu Menglin,See what the young boss has to say。
text Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Eight Physical plug-in
? Facing a skeptical look around,Lu Menglin is not in a hurry,Suddenly nodded at another short junior high school student,Smiled:“Please take out the things in your pocket too?”
The short man hesitated,I took the initiative to take out the things in my pocket。
Except for two dollars and fifty cents in his pocket,Empty,And there is no special place。
Everyone looked at this pocket,I feel that Lu Menglin is a bluff,Booed。
Even Feng Nan thought that Lu Menglin couldn’t find too many flaws in each other,Deliberately messing around。
The short junior high school student stared,Tiger head tiger brain:“how about it?I said nothing!”
Lu Menglin nodded,With a pleasant smile:“Are you not Liufang’s students??Where did it come from?”
The black and thin junior high school student looks wary,Choking:“Who said i am not?My sister works at Liufang,I just transferred。Your store is here,Dare you bully me,I’ll sue the factory。”
This remark,There was an uproar all around。