“Shao Xiao,Do not worry。I didn’t buy a ticket either。Then you go with me!”

Wang Shaoxiao flushed,He wanted to use the school relationship,Help Lu Menglin book train tickets!Unexpectedly, I don’t even have my ticket now,What’s wrong with me?!
“Yes!You can go back by plane!Air tickets are not expensive at this time,Only two or three thousand sheets。”Brother Zeng sneered at the side。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“No need to think of a solution for us,We planned to drive back together。”
This sentence is out,The smile on Zeng’s face is even brighter。
“Drive back?Where is your car?Do you know how long it takes to drive from the deep city to your country??Do you have a driver’s license?This deep university student,There must be a limit to big talk, OK??You treat us as idiots!”
Brother Zeng’s mind is turning fast,He has used all the ink in his stomach。
Lu Menglin didn’t bother to talk nonsense with such people,Take out the phone directly,Dialed the number。
“Xiao Li,Is my car repaired??I happen to be here in the Shenzhen Vocational College,Snack Street Temple’s Sichuan Cuisine,You drive over!”Lu Menglin’s words are very concise,Just said a few words and hung up。
Everyone on the table saw him take out his phone,One after another。
After all, in 1999,Not all college students can afford mobile phones,Besides, it’s the latest。
Tong Lei also saw Lu Menglin’s phone,He has seen the world,Naturally I don’t put a mobile phone in my eyes,So she pretended to be generous and smiled at Li Bingting beside her:“I’ll ask the family driver to drive over later,Take you around,By the way, buy some snacks on the road。”
Li Bingting lowered her head,Snorted softly,I agree。
A mobile phone is really nothing,This era,I have a car at home,There are also full-time drivers,Is the real big money。
Brother Zeng heard these words from Chairman Tong,Suddenly increased confidence,Sneered at Lu Menglin and Wang Shaoxiao:“Do you want to pretend to have a broken phone??Is a mule is a horse,Pull it out?I also want to see your profound friend,How big is it?,What kind of car are you driving?,I can drive from my hometown to the deep city!”