Lin Yuner heard Xiao Fan’s words,First, I turned my head and glanced at the door of Warm Heart Home,Then he said to Xiao Fan with a clear face:“Seems to be,This is indeed what it looks like,Not so good,If someone in the heart-warming home noticed,Then we are really likely to be regarded as bad guys by the heart-warming people。”

Xiao Fan smiled,Didn’t express any opinion on Lin Yoona’s words,only,After Lin Yoona finished saying such a sentence,Xiao Fan pulled Lin Yuner’s hand,Then walked forward slowly,Left the gate of the warm heart home。
“All right,We also left now,Can you tell me something??”Lin Yuner asked with a smile。
“Look,We are definitely going to raise money for the heart-warming home,But for the heart-warming home in this situation,Is the more donation,The better you can treat your heart-warming home,Will treat the children in Heartwarming Home as better。”Xiao Fan didn’t answer Lin Yuner’s question directly,But directly asked Lin Yuner a question。
“Yes,The more donations,The children in the heart-warming home are better treated。”Lin Yuner said truthfully。
Because this is an obvious question,It’s impossible for Lin Yoona to not understand this question。
“and also,What do you think of Song Haiyang??”After getting Lin Yuna’s answer to her own question,,Xiao Fan immediately asked her a second question。
“That person,not very good?”Lin Yuna thought of Song Haiyang’s appearance,I just curled my lips,Then replied。
Xiao Fan smiled and stroked Lin Yun’er’s hair,Smiled:“Do you think he is a kind person who wants to donate money to the warm home?”
“he,Of course not!”Lin Yuna didn’t even think about it,Just speak directly,And Xiao Fan can tell,When Lin Yuna said,Expression on face,That is very disdainful。
To say that Lin Yoona seldom uses such an expression to describe a person。
It seems that Song Haiyang did leave a very bad impression on Lin Yoona.!
“Yoona,You are right,Song Haiyang will definitely not be so kind to donate money to the warm heart home,But,If it is in this form of gambling,,Even if he is fighting for a breath,I will definitely donate money for the heart-warming home,but,No matter how much,For the children in the warm home,All a good thing,Isn’t it?”Xiao Fan explained。