“Use it when you have it,Poison Pill is just an auxiliary item,Can get!”

“Master Lu,This is too dangerous?No one knows,How many will there be in the underwater temple,The same poisoning mechanism as in the murloc’s nest……”Shunzi cares about Tao。
Zhao Ping’s extended hand stopped immediately,He smiled and said to Lu Yi:
“Correct!My fighting power is definitely not as good as the master,Don’t waste this medicine!”
“do not think too much,Each member of the team has its own division of responsibilities,For medics,Your duty is to rescue teammates in times of difficulty,It’s more than necessary,Also have to do good things!If you waste your skills on detoxification,Is not a qualified medical soldier!”
Although Lu Yi’s words are a bit harsh,But Zhao Ping’s heart is warm,He seemed to have heard Lu’s attitude towards each of them。
“Ok,I will work hard to improve,Always,Keep guarding everyone……!”Zhao Ping finally took Huadu Pill under Lu Yi’s insistence。
moment,A cool light entered the body of the character operated by Zhao Ping,He saw the decliningHP,Finally stabilized,The gratitude and pressure in my heart doubled。
Zhao Ping just wanted to say thank you,I heard the sound of Master Lu Ban jumping into the sea。So no more words,All he can do is to guard the coastline of the inner city of Atlantis,Ensure that Lu Yi’s actions are not interrupted!
When Master Luban dived into the sea,Shocked by the scene in the sea,In the underwater world surrounded by countless swimming fish,Probably dive50Mihou,I saw the magnificent Sea God Temple,And the golden light from time to time in the temple,Represents the hidden place of Atlantis’ treasure。
With the effect of apnea pills,Lu Yiyou5Minutes to explore the tall temple complex in front of you。